Protective Ear Moulds

In addition to offering the latest Hearing Aids, St John's Hearing Aid Centre can supply custom ear moulds to ensure ear protection for a wide range of leisure and work activities.

Available in a range of colours, all our moulds are custom made from an impression of your ear to create the perfect protective seal.

Why Custom Ear Moulds?

Unlike standard off-the-shelf ear plugs, a custom ear mould creates a seal within the ear to dramatically reduce the noise you can hear around you.

They're made of a soft, medical-grade silicone, meaning they can be worn for longer, with greater levels of comfort and protection.

This makes them ideal for professions and leisure activities that involve loud environments.

Hearing Damage
As soon as the noise reaches 80dB, you run the risk of damaging your ears.

Work Ear Protection

Custom moulded ear protection offers the user the best level of ear protection available. What's more, each mould can be fitted with special filters to reduce sound levels, whilst maintaining audible hearing.

Sound is measured in decibels (dB) and our ears can only handle a certain amount of noise. For example, the average decibel level of road traffic is between 60dB and 70dB.

Employer Responsibility

It is the responsibility of your employer to ensure noise levels are controlled and if they cannot be, sufficient ear protection must be provided.

The following are a small selection of jobs which could require ear protection:

  • Construction
  • Demolition
  • Road Repair
  • Woodworking
  • Machine Processing
  • Engineering
  • Textile Industry
  • Fabrications
  • Forging
  • Canning and Bottle Foundries
  • Pressing or Stamping
  • Paper or Board Making
  • Mechanics
  • Mining

For most jobs where you work with machinery such as hammering, drilling, using pneumatic impact tools or explosives, ear protection is essential to maintain healthy hearing.

Sports Ear Protection

The benefits of noise cancellation make protective ear moulds ideal for a number of sports and leisure activities.

Shooting Ear Protection

Sudden loud noises are the most common way the ear drum can be damaged, so it is very important to use ear protection when dealing with firearms or any other explosive sources.

High density moulds with passive noise filtering can be created which stop dangerous noise from reaching the ear drum, whilst allowing instructions and conversations to be heard.

Swimming / Surfing Ear Protection

For ear protection when in the water, we can create special water tight, water resistant moulds, made from a super soft silicone material, that ensures water does not enter the ear canal.

This is the most effective way to prevent ear infections if you suffer from "swimmer's ear".

Motor Sports / Motorbike Ear Protection

For sports involving motorbikes or motor vehicles, where you are exposed to dangerous levels of noise for long periods, we can create special moulds that filter out the damaging frequencies created by these vehicles, whilst fitting comfortably and without impacting your helmet.

Note, even if you're a regular motorbike user for leisure or commuting, wind and engine noise can seriously damage your hearing.

Musicians Ear Protection

Whether you're a musician, work in a music venue or simply want superior ear protection when attending music events, we can create specially designed protective moulds which reduce the level of noise, but maintain the best level of clarity.

This can be done, whilst still clearly being able to hear what people near you are saying.

Free Hearing Tests
If you think your hearing has already been affected, call us for a free hearing test.

Custom Sleeping Earplugs

For those who have trouble sleeping, we can create a more discreet ear mould which sits inside the ear canal. It provides noise protection while sleeping, blocking out snoring, noisy neighbours and other background noise, but is comfortable to wear in bed.

A handle allows for easy removal from the ear in the morning after a good nights sleep.

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