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Operating throughout the Peebles area, if you don't have transport to get to our Musselburgh branch, St John's Hearing Aid Centre can provide most of our services from the comfort of your own living room.

Home Visits

Visits are by appointment only. We will never call without letting you know first and for your comfort and safety, we will always let you know the name of the person who is coming and they will carry relevant identification.

You can read more about St John's Hearing Aid Centre and our approach on our About Us pages.

Hearing Tests at Home

Comprehensive Free Hearing Tests from our qualified and experienced audiologists are available in your Peebles home or care facility as part of our Free Home Consultations service.

Free Hearing Tests
We offer free hearing tests in the comfort of your own home or residential care facility.

Using a number of technologies, these audiometric hearing tests help to establish whether you have Hearing Loss and the severity of it if you do.

Latest Hearing Aids

If required, St John's Hearing Aid Centre supply a wide selection of the latest digital private Hearing Aids from well-known brands, such as Oticon, Phonak, Starkey, Widex and more.

Our qualified audiologists will offer expert advice on the best digital hearing aids for your specific needs, choosing from a wide range of Behind The Ear, In The Ear (including invisible) and Spectacle hearing aids.

As well as fitting your hearing aid, they will fully explain its functions and controls. And if you have further questions or experience any teething issues post purchase, you can call our Musselburgh branch for aftercare.

Mobile Ear Wax Removal

We also offer a gentle Mobile Ear Wax Removal service in your own home. Our trained technicians can remove a build up of wax using one of two techniques, either by microsuction or via irrigation.

Please take a look at our Ear Wax Removal page for more details.

Hearing Aid Repairs and Servicing

Servicing, Calibration and Repairs of most makes of digital hearing aid can be carried out at our Musselburgh branch, along with battery replacement and fitting.

If you're housebound or unable to get transport, we may be able to do repairs at your Peebles home. Alternatively, we offer a postal service to send hearing aids in to us for a quick turn around. Please contact us for details.

Contact Us

For impartial advice, to Make an Appointment or to enquire about any of our products and services, please get in touch:

Throughout the Peebles Area

From our branch in Musselburgh, our private hearing consultants offer Home Visits throughout the Peebles area, including Bellspool, Cardona, Colquhar, Cringletie, Eddleston, Glentress, Innerleithen, Kirkburn, Kirkdean, Kirkton Manor, Lyne, Peebles, Redscarhead, Stobo, Traquair, Walkerburn and beyond.

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