Wax Removal &Testing

Hearing tests –  What to expect.

A hearing test can be booked at one of our premises, carried out at one of our mobile clinics or done by appointment in your own home, ALL FREE OF CHARGE.

We carry out  free audiometric hearing tests to establish whether you have a hearing loss and the severity of the hearing loss.The hearing test is carried out as follows:

  1. The audiologist will take a personal history of your potential hearing problem and ask how your hearing loss affects your everyday life.This enables the consultant to tailor the hearing aid to your particular hearing loss and lifestyle.
  2. Your ear will be examined using an instrument called an auriscope (a small hand-held torch which magnifies)  allowing the consultant to see the eardrum and the ear canal that leads to it from the outer ear
  3. The hearing test is carried out. A machine called an audiometer is used to produce sounds at various volumes and frequencies. Wearing headphones, you will be played the sounds one ear at a time and respond when you hear them.
  4. The results of the hearing tests are plotted on a graph called an audiogram. The audiogram is used to record the measurements established during the test.
  5. The results of the test will be explained to you by the audiologist.If you do have a hearing loss, you will be advised of the best  solution for your particular loss
  6. Following the test you will be able to decide yourself how you would like to proceed.

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The solution that the audiologist feels is most suitable  will be explained to you and any special features will be outlined so you know exactly how it works. As well as this we will also fully explain:

  • Inserting and removing your hearing aid.
  • All features and adjustments.
  • Cleaning and storage.
  • Battery insertion and maintenance.

The price of a hearing aid will vary depending on the specific model, the features you need for your particular hearing loss, and how effective it is in the various noise environments you require. The price also includes the cost of professional services of the audiologist, fitting and adjustments.


We provide 2 different systems of ear wax removal, MICROSUCTION and IRRIGATION. 

Microsuction –  High-magnification binocular glasses are used to clearly visualise the ear wax  in the ear canal and gentle suction with a low pressure suction machine and fine sterile probe is used to removed the wax.  The procedure usually takes between 20 to 30 minutes to perform, depending on the amount and type of of ear wax, how deep the ear wax is inside the ear canal,and whether you are having one or both ears treated.

Irrigation   – Ear irrigation replaces the old  technique of syringing  and uses an electronic ear irrigation machine to remove ear wax. This machine contains a storage reservoir unit for water and a hand held nozzle  which pumps water into the ear canal at a controlled and steady rate in an attempt to dislodge and flush out ear wax. It is a gentle procedure and removes unimpacted wax effectively.

Wax removal prices

At our premises – £45

In your own home – £60