Hearing Aids

Digital hearing aids are small but powerful computers for your ears.

Their capabilities are remarkable : helping you to distinguish speech in noisy environments, filling the gaps caused by high frequency hearing loss, and preventing feedback and whistling often associated with older styles of hearing aids. They come in various sizes and designs.



INVISIBLE IN THE CANAL (IIC) The newest custom fit style is virtually invisible when worn. Sitting in the second bend of the ear, it is subject to suitably of ear canal and hearing loss

COMPLETELY IN THE CANAL (CIC) These devices fit completely in the ear canal. Only the head of a tiny clear plastic extraction cord (with which you insert or remove the instrument) shows outside of the canal.

IN THE CANAL (ITC) ITC instruments involve a custom earmould that fits down the ear canal and a small portion that faces out into the outer ear.


RECEIVER IN CANAL (RIC) The RIC device is small and discreet, and quick to fit; perfect for many first-time wearers. It sits behind the ear with fine tubing to the receiver in the ear

MINI BEHIND THE EAR (miniBTE) The mini BTE also sits behind the ear. containing the technology, while a clear tube then directs amplified sound into the ear canal to a custom earmould / earbud.

BEHIND THE EAR (BTE) BTE instruments’ technology is housed in a casing that rests behind the ear. A clear plastic tube then directs amplified sound into an earmould inside the ear canal.

SPECTACLE AIDS   Hearing aids are made in the arms of spectacles and are designed for people with predominantly conductive hearing loss. Sound is transmitted through bone behind the ear directly to the cochlea.

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